Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Conversation I Should Have With HR

HR: Come in, William. Would you like a cookie or a glass of water?
Me: No thank you. I don't think I can stomach them.
HR: ::looks concerned:: Oh dear. ::closes the door behind ME:: What's on your mind, William?
Me: I'm having serious issues with a co-worker. ::takes a deep breath:: I brought in a daily Jeopardy! desk calender that sits on our mutual desk.
HR: Go on.
Me: Well, she cheats.
HR: ::drops her tea cup::

Me: I know.

HR: ::furrows her brow with a stern yet distant stare::
Me: I've caught her reading the day's question (which is the Jeopardy! answer) & flipping the page to check her answer (the Jeopardy! question).
HR: But isn't that how it's done? Isn't that how the game's played, William?
Me: Yes, but she plays it off like she hasn't checked ahead of time & proceeds to quiz me....
HR: ...making her always right?
Me: Yes!
HR: ::stands up & crosses to the door:: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Me: But she's a complete cheat! Aren't you going to do anything about this?!
HR: I'm sorry, you didn't put your question in the form of an answer.

::our HR Department melts into a fiery cavern, forever engulfing my dreams of living in a world where one can play a daily Jeopardy! desk calendar game without cheatery::

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A to the S said...

this could have been written by albee