Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Musical?

"I laughed! I cried! I applauded in my living room, but I doubt you could hear me all the way in California! Your creativity, professionalism, & talent rivals many of the professional child actors we hire at our theatre." -from an e-mail sent to The Miracle Project
Autism: the Musical is one of the finest, sweetest, & most honest documentaries I have seen in a long long time. Filmmaker Tricia Regan follows five autistic children, their families, & Miracle Project founder Elaine Hall as they create & perform an original musical. The mixture of raw human emotion, theatricality, & support for the kids & their families makes a powerful & emotional hour-and-a-half. We meet Neal, Adam, Lexi, Wyatt, & Henry, each of which have different types & degrees of autism. For the six-month rehearsal process, we see the kids grow as performers, both socially & artistically. How each family faces & lives with their child's decease is equally heartwarming & harsh, but it only elevates Autism: the Musical's sense of enjoyable honesty & startling humanity.

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