Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1991 Cartoons

None of you liked Rugrats the most. ("Don't do that, Phiiiiiliiiiip." "Don't tell me what to do, Lil-li-an.")
Thankfully, none of your parents were tyrannical fascists who thought Nickelodeon cartoons were too weird.
One of you liked The Ren & Stimpy Show the most.
Three of you didn't have cable yet, which was a good thing. The only reason we got cable was for The New Mickey Mouse Club...which ended up sucking. Color my parents treated.
Four of you, like myself, liked Doug the most.
Doug was underratedly good. A very chill & everyman hero along side his, well, colorful best friend & lesbian girlfriend. Doug taught us about diversity.
What I did not like about Doug was when Disney purchased the series. Once it hit the One Saturday Morning slot on ABC, Doug's sleeves grew to 3/4 length. It went downhill from there.


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Michelle said...

Ah, but ABC "Doug" was the only way I could ever watch it at home, since we didn't have cable! So it was good for something.

But, when I snuck a few glorious hours of cable TV-watching at a friend's house, "Rugrats" was always my favorite. parents wouldn't let me watch "Ren & Stimpy" one time (I was probably 8 or 9) because they said it was "big kid humor" and I wasn't a big kid yet. Tragic.