Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Been Said, 'Those Who Can't Act Dance...'

I cannot stress enough how Step Up 2 the Streets is not a good movie. That being said, Step Up 2 the Streets is an amazing movie.

If you enjoy well-crafted scripts & refined acting, do not see this movie.
If you like choreographed dance, see this movie.
If you've listened to & enjoyed 103.5 or B96's music in the past 4 months, see this movie.
If you like talented, sweaty, chiseled, ::opps, popped a boner:: shirtless men, see this movie.

The final two dance numbers are incredibly shot, lit, designed, & performed. And while the supporting misunderstood nerdlingers are fantastic dancers, their acting leaves much much much to be desired. Mad props though, yo, to the feisty Asian-who-know-no-Engrish & Moose, the lovable youngster with a heart-o'-gold.

Next up in the continuing series of William's Eye Candy Cinema: Never Back Down, a rough n' tumble story about a rich blonde twink who beats people up and he's always shirtless and the good guy's hot and he's always shirtless too and everyone's sweating and it's hot. Shirtless.

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Sam said...

ummmmmmmmmm I'm really excited :D