Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gay Power Ballad

The older folk in my family ain't doing so hot, health-wise.
I need a gay power ballad.
(if you don't have time for the whole song, 2:15 'til the end is the best part)


A to the S said...

that show is sooo weird. it's all tongue-and-cheek... are we supposed to laugh? and at what? anyways, that song still made me tear up.

Kinzie said...


i only watched a middle part at first and i thought they were siamese twins. and then i thought it was nicely sarcastic.

but then they weren't. alas.

William said...

oooooooooo there's a secret deep dark part of my soul that will always love "sideshow."

never laugh. always cry.

plus, those two fill radio city with the smallest of efforts. i hate them...and i adore them.

it's kind of a nice show up until the part when one sister wants to have sex with someone. awk-ward.

Expatriette said...

I agree. Sideshow = the weirdest.

A friend of mine once brought this song to me and was like "we must do this duet!" I was like "cool! it sounds awesome!" 3 days later when I realized they were not just twins, but CONJOINED TWINS, I laughed for about an hour.

It's also funny that for purposes of actually staging this show, they have to be like...connected at the butt. HA.

Surely that could be corrected with a simple surgery.

(Hey, maybe that's how the old woman with one butt cheek in Candide came to be! She started off in Sideshow!!!! ::explodes from musical-theatre nerdiness::)