Thursday, March 13, 2008

Call Me a Shill

Shove old women, trample the smallest of children, & save up your pennies (you won't need many of them) to see Seussical the Musical at the Marriott Theatre. I know many of us have Seussical riding high on our lists of Guilty Pleasures, but this smart & quick Theatre for Young Audiences production proves kid-friendly, guilt-free, &, fortunately, edited down (omitting Jojo's stint in the army & his scary encounter with the Hunches). With a stellar cast led by Bernie Yvon (Horton), George Keating (Cat in the Hat), & Brandy McClendon (Gertrude), set designer Kevin Depinet has transformed Les Miz's heavy set into a colorful jungle-gym of constant movement. Rachel Rockwell's swift direction & clever choreography and Nancy Missimi's modern animistic costume design gives the 70-minute show so much bang for its buck I swore I paid more than $13.18 for my ticket. Shillness & morning bedroom trysts aside, Marriott's TYA production of Ahrens & Flaherty's Seussical is the best 70 minutes you will have before 1PM this winter. Maybe even after, I Think.

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