Thursday, March 06, 2008

ANTM: Winter 2008

The new season of America's Next Top Model is in full swing & the girls are crazier, sexier, &, unfortunately, (almost) damn near skinnier than ever. Sure, Tyra's still her nutty self, but balancing her out are the more-feisty-than-previous-seasons, Mr. & Mrs. Jay. What diva fiercely cat-walked into their asses & planted Sass Seeds?

My picks to win it?
It's between.......


And my personal love:


::does the plus-sized model Cabbage Patch dance::


Kinzie said...

is whitney the one with stretch marks?

ps. the word verification this time is very close to my name. how lovely.

William said...

i think she might, but this week's episode put her in a corset. not cool of them. she's a lovely plump girl. i hope she doesn't go all skinny like last cycle's plus-sized-sally.

i also paid blogger to use the name of the person replying to be the individual's verification code.

no i didn't.

Kinzie said...

oh, don't try to pull a quick one on me, mr. panek. i know your tricks.

and ugh to the corset. the sad thing is, she's hardly "plump." i'm a size 10 and i'm too big to be a plus size model. plus size starts at size 6... ridiculous.