Sunday, February 17, 2008

Polley Molley

Finales, like anniversaries, are favorites of mine, hence my previous poll. There's something so satisfying about sticking out for the run of a series & seeing how it's all gonna wind down. Will the writers maintain a finale which exudes the -ness of the series, or will they cop-out?

Friends 1 vote: Ross & Rachael get together. A cop-out in my book.
Seinfeld 2 votes: the Super Friends are jailed for not abiding by the Good Samaritan Act. Many were miffed, but it's one of my personal favorites.
MASH 1 vote: the Vietnam War ends. Only one vote, but a well executed tear-jerker.
Newhart 4 votes: Bob wakes up next to his Bob Newhart Show wife, Suzanne Pleshette. I wasn't a Newhart follower, but you gotta love the "It was all a dream" ending. Speaking of which......
Roseanne 2 votes: the Connors haven't won the lottery, things aren't as good as they've been the past season, & Dan actually is dead. Roseanne's book isn't quite a dream ending, but it exemplified the harsh reality the series strived to represent the previous 8 seasons.

And no, I did not include Six Feet Under's finale as an option because it's unfair to compare its amazingness to any other series finale...ever.


Michelle said...

I agree 100000000000%.

Expatriette said...

This is not abt this post, but about your new survery. Come to London!!! And bring Michelle! We will take the west end by storm.