Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Guessing Game Solution


Anna nailed it!

I became, one would call it, obsessed by the abandoned Brach's factory on the West Side of the Chicago ever since Sam & I became frequent passengers of the Green Line. Riding to & from the city, passengers creep past the 30-acre behemoth at the corner of Cicero & Lake.

It was freakin' sweet to see Christopher Nolan & his crew blow up the complex's administration building in August of 2007, but what makes it so terrifyingly hypnotic? It's been completely, totally, & entirely abandoned since 1994.

Friends & frequents of this blog will know of my unnamed & uncontrollable fear of large abandoned open spaces, thus explaining why I cannot take my eyes off Brach's graffitied, squatted, & decomposing factory on the West Side.

Googling BRACHS FACTORY & CHICAGO, I was lucky enough to find the past 3 entry's photos & an awesome "urban explorer" broadcast on CPR. Also discovered are the upcoming plans for the lot.

Brach's Factory To Get New Life
Jan. 06, 2008

An industrial developer has bought the shuttered Brach's Confections Inc. factory on the West Side and plans to build a massive warehouse on the 30-acre site.
ML Realty Partners LLC of Itasca recently closed on the purchase of the dilapidated seven-story factory at 401 N. Cicero Ave.

ML Realty's $42.3-million plan calls for demolishing the old candy plant and constructing a 500,000-square-foot building to accommodate as many as three tenants that would use it as a distribution center, likely for consumer products destined for city dwellers.

I'd horribly love to "tour" it before it closes.

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