Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where My Mind Is Tonight

First River Phoenix & Jonathan Brandis. Now Brad Renfro. My first adolescent male celebrity crushes keep passing away. The 80's were tough.


The new American Gladiators is nostalgically addicting & rivetingly a guilty pleasure. It fucking rules. What doesn't rule, though, is Gladiator Wolf, ne: Don Yates. His calling card is a bellowed howl when his name is called, when he's checking in with the referee, when he's competing, when...well...he's pretty much always howling.


Speaking of race relations on
American Gladiators, host Hulk Hogan only refers to the white contestants as "brother" & "sister," all the while calling Black contestants "man," "bro," & "you." Just sayin'.

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Michelle said...

A black woman has never called me "sister," "sista," or any variation thereof. And I am deeply, deeply offended.