Friday, January 04, 2008

Resolution, '08-Style

Some may think I spelled "doosey" incorrectly in my previous post. A certain Grammar Nazi will be surprised to learn it was all a clever ruse. For, you see, my 2008 Resolution can easily be remembered with this simple anagram:


Thanks to that clever save, it's not terribly obvious I spelled doozy incorrectly. EAT IT, Grammar Nazi! Speaking of which, I'm not eating it anymore, which leads to my resolution: Feelin' Great in '08! Living back at home for 5 months has effected my weight more than my entire 4-year college run, so I'm sticking to these new rules:

-No fast food.
-Noodles & Co. visits are limited to twice a month.
-Fruits, vegetables, yogurt, & oatmeal are to become my new best friends.
-Short of the previous rule, no eating after 9PM.

I'm saying "Beat it, Burger King," "Wank off, White Castle," "Suck it, Sonic," "Call me no more, Culvers," "Whomp whomp, Wendys," & "'McDonalds?' More like 'McDON'Tals!.'"

There's no weight goal in sight, yet. I'm just consciously working harder to look & feel better.


Michelle said...

Good save indeed! I'm feeling so salty right now. And hungry for yogurt and oatmeal.

taylor said...

Why must you take normal things and make them funny? Oh, William

William said...

"Like, what *is* normal, dude?" - if I were an annoying hipster.