Saturday, December 22, 2007


The Little Mermaid video preview.




Anonymous said...


Visually, the set looks awesome, the costumes are derivitive and kinda cheezy. Ariel's got the chops, Sherie is underplaying it for some reason I don't understand and with only two notes Norm Lewis can ruin a perfectly good pair of my boxers.


A to the S said...

cheesy over acting from everyone, and what is sherie doing? what character does she think she is playing? also the chorus is dead, and the arrangements don't sound very full. saddies.

William said...

It's nothing but sadness, I must agree. Besides Tsypin's sets, the whole thing looks kinda lost. The costumes are ick & the choreography's not to Broadway caliber (or Disney no less). I'm nervous.

Michelle said...

I'm with you guys on everything. Sherie Rene Scott = MISCAST. I'm not saying Ursula should have the gravelly man-voice of the woman who played her in the movie, but I think the part needs someone with a richer lower register than Sherie has.

Also, Ariel is hot.

That's my two cents.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree about Sherie. I was pleasantly surprised by the clip of her, and while I can see where some can see it as underplaying, I'll take that over Ariel's bombastic hand acting that screams "amateur." Vocally, everyone was impressive, but the sets and costumes look like they came straight out of a community theatre's basement. I hope it's better than that live though.

William said...

I don't think she's underplaying by any means. What I'm seeing is a far more youthful & less domineering figure than, say, I've grown up with. I've also thought about Ariel's hands, but my rationale is an underwater aspect. They didn't bug me, and this coming from a director who tied an actor's hands behind his back when they became too animated ;-) And unless your community theatre's basement is monumentally huge & luxurious, I don't think Tsypin's set looks chincy in the least. Thanks for reading.