Friday, December 14, 2007

An 'Old Man' Reminisces

Europe seems forever ago.

Europe, like it's an idea or something.
How lofty of me.

It's hard to believe my best friend & I were tire-swinging around a theatrical playground over a year-and-a-half go, somehow sneaking peeks at the ancient blueprints of what we'd currently kill to do (or never do again, depending).

It was a weird time to travel with that group: entering our senior year in college with separation anxiety starting to set in.
It was a weird time to learn about theatre's origins: entering our senior year in college with life crisises starting to set in.

Now we're out & I'd give anything to go back.


I look at videos like this & I cannot get Grey and Swayze's closing credit's theme outta my head...

To wander the agora on a sweaty May afternoon.
To see an off-putting avant garde West End musical.

Hell, to make out with a Parisian stranger in a bathroom stall.

Ok, enough of that.
The only person more annoying than Negative Nancy is her uncle Terry Tourist's pesky daughter Introspective Ingrid.

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Michelle said...

Oh, Europe.

(And I love that video.)