Saturday, December 22, 2007

Also, I'm a Child


Not a Bloggerical tyrant, I try to blatantly tell people what to do & do not do. This being said, YOU MUST CLICK THAT LINK and discover the wonders of Bunkmate's voice.

What's the Bunkmate voice? you ask?

Well, Bunkmate is a tragically hysterical character from Teen Girl Squad, a la brilliant on-line cartoonery at If you want to get the full effect of this entry, give the Summertime! link a gander & also click the "o" of "over" when it's done. If not, reading Cosette's word bubbles in any pathetic/homeless/motherisawhoreanddaddyneverlovedme voice will do.

My boss asked for an "Les Miserables on sale date" reminder, so this is what I concocted up:

Because I'm a child, the idea of cutting up a perfectly intact color brochure merely to entertain my workplace jumps at me with the enthusiasm of a parody-driven alcohol-soaked skit.

Side note: I love skits. Love them.

I also love cutting up crap & drawing word bubbles. If we actually know one another, you've probably received some sort of birthday card or annoying sign donning such embellishments. Several recent entries showcase my love affair with the word bubble and her biting voice.

Thanks to nothing but hearsay, my boss has no desire to see Les Miserables when it opens at our theatre early next year. It's going to run for 13 weeks, yet she refuses to attend "the world's most popular musical" because that little girl "Creeps the hell outta me. She's so sad looking! She reminds me of [creepy 1950's girl from my youth]. I ain't seeing it."

Aware of her unflinching distaste for poor ol' Little Cosette, I left this reminder on her computer.

Sure, it was jackassy, but her reacting to it as if it were a mouse was priceless. And she spilled her coffee.

...and reading it with Bunkmate's voice doesn't hurt either.

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A to the S said...

lol to everything in this post. i'm pretty sure that was my camp and job experience in one comic. also, your boss should be more upset by how boring cosette's role is rather than her tattered sad state of affairs.

the ugly one