Saturday, November 17, 2007

Snig Snog / We Won't Blog!

Oh wait: I'm not on strike.

It's unbelievable how Broadway's been dark for over a week.

Visiting Manhattan last weekend was interested in I was able to chat with (fellow) Local One members on the picket lines & talk about their strike process. From what I learned, the biggest problem I have with the League is Local One's working without a contract the past several months (friggin' loopholes). One the flip side, the biggest problem I with Local One is their inability to budge on set-worker issues some may now consider archaic (a fly rigger for a show without a rig system???). What really needs to be considered is how many people are being effected by this strike & what's the fastest & most efficient way to amend it.

Without getting too deep into the political & economical ins-and-outs of Local One, IATSE, the League, or Equity, I hope all parties can quickly resolve their differences, offer their workers fair contracts, & reopen the now 27 dark Broadway shows.

Why Some Shows Aren't Dark

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