Tuesday, November 27, 2007

People Who Love People

People Magazine recently released their Sexiest Man Alive issue & I have to weigh in. Yes, Matt Damon is one fine good lookin' sweet talkin' man, but damn he looks mighty bland on their cover. Something all, "I'm not sexy. I'm just an Everyman," thing going on.

What's really annoying about Damon's "win" this year are the subsequent articles written by George Clooney & Ben Affleck dryly singing Damon's praises, all the while emphasizing Hollywood's Good Ol' Boys Club. Who wants to be in their stupid chiseled sexy six-packed wealthy boys club anyway?

People did pick some real winners, lookers, & all 'round studs this year:

And out of the freckled blue sky, Dave Annable from TV's yucky Brothers & Sisters.

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A to the S said...

I can't stop staring at gorgeous patrick dempsey in the corner of the cover... i think maybe they made a wrong decision.

also, BOTH my parents commented on this cover the other day and how they BOTH think that Matt Damon is not the sexiest man alive.

p.s. Dwight.