Sunday, November 25, 2007


When I'm not wearing, purchasing, or receiving gifts of argyle print sweaters, vests, or socks, I'm admiring the GAP's holiday ad campaign.

And when I'm not sleeping, working, or eating, I'm thinking dirty holiday thoughts about certain GAP ad campaign models.


A to the S said...

love him. love it.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised, being a theatre blog, that you havn't mentioned the GAP ad featuring the adorable cast of Spring Awakening! A saleslady in the GAP told me they have been inundated with requests for the Spring Awakening poster when they are done with their campaign. Everyone needs to see this amazing show (with plenty of hotties in it).

William said...

I love the "SA" ad too, but found no good copies to post as of yet. Thanks for reading, but this isn't strictly a theatre blog. It's about whateve's.