Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sharks::Dolphins::Killer Whales

It's been said, in certain inner sanctums, that dolphins are nothing more than gay sharks.

I query you this:
are killer whales anything more than lesbian dolphins?


Michelle said...

By George, I think you're right. The government's been trying to keep that little secret under wraps for years.

Do you know of any other aquatic mammals that need to be outed?

Anonymous said...

Oh!! OH!!! Michelle, I know!! Anything with a blow hole is a lesbian! Ya know, so they can breathe down there. . . and the gay one's are hermit crabs. . .always decorating their houses!

William said...

There's something queer going on with seahorses too.

And I ain't talkin' 3-dollar-bill queer.

I'm talkin' put-all-showtunes-on-hold & TiVo-tonight's-"Will & Grace"-'cause-Patti's-comin'-to-town queer.