Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gay Eskimo

If one cares to, dares to, or SCARES to follow (throwback pun?), here's my train of thought for the day:

-Ryan Q & I were very close friends in high school.

-I would drive him to Loyola & he'd make me mix "tapes."

-Our favorite song on Mix "Tape" Volume 4: Why Ryan's Pills Don't Work No More was comedy team Corky & the Juice Pigs' "I'm the Only Gay Eskimo."
-Hearing this song on MAD TV in 1997 (I was a 7th grader with a HUGE crush on Dixie Wetsworth's cabana boy, Bryan Callen
) was one of the first indicators being gay may be ok. Really.
-I came out to Ryan on Halloween of 2003.
-Today is Halloween.
-I'm still gay. (...oy to that phrase)

-This song is still effing hysterical.


Scan said...

one of my all time favorites.

Michelle said...

I almost forgot about that song! It's a classic.