Friday, October 05, 2007

Welcome to the Grave

Oh man; the way Mrs. Lovett ear fucks Sweeney in her "Old Friend" 'echo' is the most sensual & erotic moment in the entire show. Lust is hot.

And yes, here's the trailer!


Michelle said...

1. Halfway through the trailer, people are going to be like, "'s a musical?"

2. Do you know what songs they're keeping and what they're cutting? I can't imagine they're doing the whole thing.

3. I think, at the bottom of every girl's heart, is the knowledge that she would become a lesbian for Helena Bonham Carter.

William said...

1) "It's a story of a man who was wronged...and BOY is he jazzed about it!"

2) They haven't released the song list yet. Rumor has it most of the songs are there, only truncated.

3) I think, at the bottom of every gay's heart, is the knowledge that he would be straight for Helena Bonham Carter.

A to the S said...


William said...

Yeah, it makes me excited NOT scared. Well, scared in a SCARY! kinda way, not in a "A Chorus Line" starring Michael Douglas or Chris Columbas "RENT" kinda way.