Wednesday, October 24, 2007

To Be Read Aloud in a Hollandesque Accent

...which, in my book, is pretty much the same as German.

Hoovay for vinter breezes unt Fall-time sneezes, jah!

Hello, darlinks! Dis veekend, I vill be drivink to Holland, Michigan viss my boyfriend, Sam, jah. Unt vhy Holland, you ask? Vell, ve haven't had ample alone time since Spring Break, jah. Aftah more than a year, this vill be our first vomantic trip togessa. Two nights togessa in a fancy pantsy hotel voom viss a fireplace, free breakfast, unt a cutie tootie. Plus, ve vill be touring shinny twisty lighthouses along chilly willy beaches, sipping varm chocolate on leave-covered trails, unt unexpected surprises along the vay. Expect many funtime pictures once ve have veturned home, jah.

Happy, tippy tappy toes!


A to the S said...

my homeland.. kinda. also dutch is a prettier version of german.

have a wonderful romantic time! <3

Michelle said...

Dutch is if English and Swedish had a baby, and then that baby grew up and had a baby with German.

The trip sounds fantastic! Have fun! Buy clogs!

William said...

We keep talking about wooden shoes & I may get a pair.

Also, whenever someone says wooden shoes, I think, "'The Little Wooden Boy.' Next! THAT'S OUR HITLER"