Monday, October 01, 2007


I'm big on anniversaries. Always have been. Commemoration is always nice. I assume this stems from my superficial need to send & receive gifts, but that's neither give nor take. Bows & crate paper aside, these recent anniversaries celebrate personal milestones.
September 30: One Month Anniversary of Buying My First Car
He's a quick little guy & I love him. Better still, he's almost ready to be christened ("Yes, but what's you Christian name, chile?"). Sure, gas mileage isn't all that great yet, but that's what happens when you live 20 miles from your place of employment. Speaking of which.....

October 1:One Month Anniversary of Working at Top-American-Hotel-Destination
I haven't talked about work much on here, but it's in a effort to separate my casual life from my job. Things may change once I can consider my job my career, but until then I'll poke fun at our marketing. Take a look a our referral form. When patrons call to ask what they should be looking for, I can't help but say, "Look for the four friends drinking wine." What I really want to say is "Look for the old rich white people getting drunk," but I puss out. Marketing is weird, but that little pamphlet nails our key demographics.

September 24: Five Year Anniversary of Coming Out
Damn, I'm old and gay AND old. Three equally condemnable sins wrapped in one horribly wonderful day of remembrance. :hangs head in shame, much like the shame Olivia Newton-John experiences when her dreams of Xanadu come close to slipping through her muse-like fingertips:: Thank god for that rainbow infused heart muscle that beats ::jazz hands jazz hands::.

And from where did all this talk of anniversaries come? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell..................
301 posts? Seriously?
I talk too much, but oh well; there's more to be said.

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