Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I wrote about this a few posts back, but Sam Mendes' & Rob Marshall's Cabaret is damn near perfection. This clip not only features Fabian Richard as a stellar Emcee, but it showcases the universality of the piece via its language. The Emcee is, in essence, speaking English throughout the play, but this French production utilizes the German, French, & English throughout the number, all the while speaking "English" to his German audience.

Also, I am not into the S&M scene, but William Ivey Long's Emcee costume design is the hottest ever. Like, EVER. Alan Cumming. Michael C. Hall. Neil Patrick Harris. Raul Esparza. Norbert Leo Butz. Matt Price. John Stamos. Fabian Richard. The men who have worn the revival's bow tie, white straps, leather boots/trench coat, & pasties (with dyed armpit hair & pubes to match) magically jazz-square goose step into a Musical Theatre Sex God ("no ladies").

And Mr. Robert Marshall simply nailed the choreography. There's something so hauntingly hopeless & sexually intimidating within the cast's foot stamping, crotch grabbing, & wrist writhing. Find me a more Earthen, guttural beat than a leather boot pounding aged, wooden planks & you'll win me over.

Until then, I look forward to Cabaret's return to Studio 54 on my hands & knees.



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A to the S said...

chilling. i saw the tour in chicago. i thought it was brilliant. the story itself is so dark, but i was moved by the whole thing. it's rare to have something that affects you like that.