Saturday, September 01, 2007

Trip Away

(rejuvenated by my new car in the driveway ::Romantic sigh::, I shall finish this entry....)

I've been having troubles formulating this entry without sprawling all over the friggin' place, so against my better judgment, I'll be bullet pointing the highlights from Anna & my trip to Manhattan:

-Thanks to Mallory's star status, Mom, Anna, & I sat in amazing house seats at the Delacorte Theatre for the final preview of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, directed by Daniel Sullivan.

-Equity's first Jon Hill (Bare) & 'big Black woman' Carpathia Jenkinks (Caroline, or Change & Fame Becomes Me) sat next to us. ("It's Jon Hill!"-Me "Is he doing a house entrance again?"-Anna)

-Whilst at Fred's Bar with the Midsummer cast:
....The person sitting at our table (who ended up not being James Zager) was author & This American Life contributor David Rakoff, whose books I read over the summer. Moments before he left, I introduced myself & chatted about Don't Get Too Comfortable. After gabbing about my favorite chapter
(gay Republicans), he wished me mazel on graduation and departed.
....I purchased two Long Island ice teas & a Blue Moon for only $12. Our bartender was really cool. Our bartender was really cool. Our bartender was really cool. (HINT)
....I got drunky & offered to purchase Martha Plimpton a drink...three times.

-Jon & Mallory graciously invited us to their opening night party the next day. ("Lil' ol' us?")

-Anna & I stumbled around the upper 50's for toiletries &
sweets. After hitting Columbus Circle (6 blocks in the wrong direction), we realized the alcohol had won & wandering aimlessly had lost. We discussed theatre in the hotel lobby (much to the delight of the graveyard-shift bell hop) 'til 3AM & crashed soon after.

-Hobnobbing with theatre royalty requires a well-picked & well-planned outfit, so our wardrobes needed a boost. Needless to say, H&M, The Gap, & Express' daily revenues were severely boosted by our need to look hot.

-After a long day of shopping, Anna & I attended Die Hard the Puppet Musical. My boss Dean, from the Orchard Project, directed the workshop. Without delving into the production itself, I'll simply say Dean did a very good job with the material.

-Ted Sperling (see the
Patti & Audra entry) met us for Die Hard & shared a cab up to Central Park. We gossiped about/got inside scoop regarding Lincoln Center's production of South Pacific, for which he is musical directing. Who'dathought such a great actress like Maggie Gyllenhaal would give an "Interesting" South Pacific audition (I guess we're not the only ones trying dying to perform on a Broadway stage)? And to clear things up, Scarlett Johansson did not audition! Ted's by far the nicest person...ever?

Let me say, most gentle & always gorgeous readers, that there are several experiences that will remain at the forefront of My Most Memorable Moments (or QuadraM, as the kids say): Pippin's opening night, Yia Yia Catherine's funeral, the day Dad outed me to me, the first time I saw Les Miserables, my first time yaknowing, & now, thanks to Jon Michael Hill & Mallory Portnoy, the Public Theatre's opening night party for A Midsummer Night's Dream.

-THE OPENING NIGHT PARTY, or How Fucking Cool is This?!?
....Mallory & Jon met Anna, Jon's mom, Sy, Matthew-Lee, & me after their performance.
....Looking & feeling good, we climbed up to Central Park's
Belvedere Castle & were barraged by four tables-worth of free beverages. "Good evening folks," welcomed the younger-than-me-but-thank-god-YOU'RE-the-intern-tonight intern. "Would you like the champagne, the vodka spritzer with strawberry, the champagne-vodka spritzer with lime or strawberry, or a fine imported-from-Italy-(or Long Island)-beer?"
....At the risk of sounding like a name-dropper, let me aimlessly ramble off who I either saw from a distance, had a conversation with, or bumped into (yes, I mean that in the "Ouch, you stepped on my foot, asshole" sense of the word): Jeff Goldblum (The Pillowman), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (...Spelling Bee), Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), Keith David (Requiem for a Dream), Robert Cuccioli (Jekyll & Hyde), Rashida Jones (Karen from The Office), & Tony winners Daniel Sullivan (Proof), George C. Wolfe (Angels in America, Caroline, or Change), Michael Cerveris (Assassins, Sweeney Todd, Tommy), & Jennifer Ehle (The Coast of Utopia).

-There ain't much more after that, folks. We closed the dance floor ("If you guys don't leave we're gonna hose you down with the patio!"). We met a swing in High School Musical. We tried to drink more, but our energy lapsed. Jon's floor (or the floor on which he's squatting) became centerstage for late-night/pre-bed banter about acting, living in New York, & New York Times reviews.

After two extensive days of shopping, walking, performing, drinking, dancing, & one-handed pictures, Anna & my mini-trip to Manhattan had come to a close.

And there it was.


A to the S said...

yeah!!! i love us.

Taylor said...

ok, i'm quite jealous. that's how you do New York. bam.