Friday, September 21, 2007

An Opened Letter

To whom it may concern,
My husband and I have just returned from seeing the play The Producers. We are home early because we left after the first act. Many things about the play were offensive to us. The words in many of the songs, the actor with the brown tights & supposedly his bulging penis,
the actor in the tight black clothes & his mannerisms, the scene with the senior women with the walkers being exploited for their money, the bird in the cage doing Heil Hitler, any of the comments & songs about Hitler, the red arm bands; my husband fought for our country in the 2nd World War. I am sure the senior women in the audience saw the walker scene as abuse. The play is disgusting, sick, a waste of our money & our time. I have been a subscriber for 15 years & there has been only one other play that had homosexuality. If you continue to chose this kind of play, you will see your subscriptions go down quickly. We are very dissatisfied & disgusted - the play story line is sick - I think you will get many letters like this one. I will tell people not to come & see this play.

Yes, all the underlines were true to the original letter. And yes, "bulging penis" was underlined twice. How pleasant.

It looks like people really do write these kinds of letters. What really bothers me is this woman's use of the words "sick" & "disgusting" when it comes to people's "mannerisms" Big Gay Fest, Suburban-Style

This is a prime example of the ol' adage "I just don't get people [sometimes]." I do not understand how someone could dish out $100+ for theatre tickets & have utterly no clue what they're paying to see. If this is the case, couldn't you research it? Read up on it? Ask a friend? Call a neighbor? Anything! Even more, I really do no understand how people can live & operate in 2007 society, attend a satirical 39-year-old Mel Brooks comedy, & still find homosexuality (amongst other issues) offensive enough to write a complaint letter. Seeing gay people on stage is apparently more unsettling than references to Hitler & the horrendous events surrounding WWII. "The swastikas were one thing (I simply adore red on black!), but sohelpmegod if two men caress one another!"

This letter was not from an offended Jew or gay or Black or even Swede for that matter. The fuel behind the letter seems to be the embarrassment & disgust of witnessing stereotypical homosexual mannerisms & jokes through the eyes of an American war hero & his letter-writing wife.

This could be a case of the Willturnseverythingintosomethinggays (to which the only cure is a warm cup of chocolate milk & a grilled cheese...and a good jo), but when someone insults my 1) place of employment, 2) my field profession, & 3) my sexual orientation, I find it very hard to see issues through an aged & sheltered filter.

All this negativity & ugliness aside, we are Chicago's Hottest Ticket in Town this week per Chris Jones (head theatre critic for the Chicago Tribune).


Michelle said...

Premise Everything: Unbelievable.

A to the S said...

I read this post during my break at work and was laughing to myself, but loudly.

Expatriette said...

See...THESE are the people Leo and Max needed in the Springtime for Hitler audience!!!


William said...

And as we all know, irony is so in this year.