Friday, September 28, 2007


How had I never heard of or seen this before? The Simpsons still amazes & surprises. Sure, this clip is a Two-Percenter, but I'm lucky to be apart of the 2% who get this gag. Theatre folk laugh the hardest in the wake of a good allusion.

"The Cream was genius, but the Organs felt uninspired. Don't you agree, Winnifred?"
"Like Mrs. Simpson, I frankly don't find audience participation plot-servicing in the slightest. What do you think, William?"
"Puppets are innovative: I can relate to that!"


A to the S said...

wow: cats, lion king, and jesus christ superstar. every main stream musical people who don't go see theatre see in this one clip. i also like the women in a tiara and diamonds sitting next to the simpsons.

Michelle said...

How have I not seen this before???

Taylor said...

how on earth this did this episode slip by my fingers??

William said...

It's so funny how everyone keeps saying that. It's really good episode too!