Monday, September 24, 2007

"The Polls Are Up!"

"That's good. They truly are a wonderful people."*

I know a good idea when I see one: I've started a profile poll like my good friend, JewishGirlReflectingOnThePast (obviously pictured at right).

*if anyone knows what movie that's'll get a super special shout out...or something.


A to the S said...

where do you and michelle make these things? you could start a "natalie dee/ toothpaste for dinner / married to the sea" thing.

A to the S said...

um, also, this comment was for your last post.

Michelle said...

I do mine on Microsoft Paint, and so can you, it's totally sim--oh wait. Oh. Wait. You have a Mac. Never...nevermind.

P.S.--In this picture, you look like the main character of some M. Night Shyamalan "scary-but-kind-of-spiritual" thriller.