Sunday, September 09, 2007

Currently Reading #1

Political satire...check.
Teddy bear terrorist...check.
I'm in!

"Of all the anti-Bush books out there, none is as wonderfully strange as Chase's debut novel." -Entertainment Weekly (A)

"This debut novel from memoirist Chase begins with the capture and wounding by a SWAT team of the eponymous, sentient teddy bear in a backwoods cabin; the team thinks it has captured a mad bomber...[Winkie] way too odd to be sentimental, and its political sensibility shuttles easily between the cartoonish and the shrewd." -American Library Association


Anonymous said...

hey! we're reading the same book!!

William said...

Well, we *are* the same person. I've hit a lull, though. The Marie portion is kind of a snoozer. I hope it picks up.