Sunday, September 30, 2007


Nellie McKay's most recent studio release, Obligatory Villagers, is a mini-opus of brilliant sounds, deep lyrical thoughts, & unparalleled passion. At only 23-years-old, McKay wrote, performed, produced, AND orchestrated the 9-song album. The latter fact being the most incredible (or staggering) in Villagers' stunning eclectic blends of boom brass & lush strings. Her songs range from the disco & rock infused "Galleon" & "Testify," to the politically trumpeted "Identity Theft" & "Mother of Pearl," even further to big-band-meets-Leonard-Bernstein "Oversure" & "Zombie." If Villagers suffers from anything it's its length. At only 32-minutes, her innovative album leaves me craving more, but also allows for many quick & enjoyable repeat listenings. I recommend Obligatory Villagers to any McKay, jazz, or obscure musical theatre fan.

And just for fun, here's Nellie on The View singing "I Wanna Get Married."

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