Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Susan Egan Sings Again

Premise 1/2) Michael C. Hall, I love you. Even in drag.
Premise 1) Why doesn't Susan Egan have a Tony?
Premise 2) I adore her Sally Bowles. So well thought out and complex. Every word has ten different meanings. What a great actress. And God, she looks like shit, eh?
Premise 3) I want to direct
Cabaret so bad.
Premise 4) That being said, Sam Mendes & Rob Marshall's production is, like, the quintessential version. No one can top it. I really hope it reopens at Studio 54 after
Sunday in the Park with George ends its limited run.

Premise 5) I had a dream recently about Matt, the tall fucker who initiated the Premises. It's one of those inside jokes that doesn't fall into the "you had to be there" barrel. It's welcoming and nonalienating. Nice one, Matt.

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