Friday, August 10, 2007

Rough Few Days

I tease Sam when I call him Negative Nancy, but one can maintain faith in the positive for only so long:

If the miners are alive, they would be sitting in darkness, wearing thin work clothes in the 58-degree cold, other miners said. Each miner would typically have had a half-gallon of water.

I cannot begin to imagine what that would be like. It's hard to stay positive when facts like that are released.


Public Enemy #1
Seriously? We need to fear bridges now?


Not counting open-casket funerals or wakes (Catholics are weird, I know), I saw a dead body for the first time yesterday. I was walking around the Theatre District in the middle of a busy, sunny, Chicago afternoon. There was a crowd of people looking down Wicked's alley behind the Oriental Theatre.

Homo thought, "
Wicked doesn't have a matinée. What are all those people looking at?" Then I saw the cops. And unless the 'tweens became violently rambunctious ("SIGN MY MOSQUITO BITES, FIYEEEERO!"), Wicked's alley really doesn't need police enforcement. Being the wondering snoop I am, I found myself behind several policemen staring down the alley with the rest of the gawkers.

And I saw her.

Twenty-six years old.

The young was woman laying face up on the pavement. Her slip-on shoes sitting beside her. Not moving. Another shooting, I though. Then I looked closer at her condition: she had jumped.

It was awful.

"We have a jumper," a cop radioed into his walkie. For all we knew it was off the Oriental's fire escape (several cops were up there examining the scene), but it's been revealed she fell from the Theatre District parking garage across the alley. Five minutes later several more police workers, paramedics, and members of the media arrived. It was finally then a white sheet was placed over her body.

But her shoes remained exposed.

I am struck by this occurrence because of its location, time of day, and the amount of people who witnessed the event and its aftermath.

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