Monday, August 13, 2007

Gayest Night Ever: 8/26

I watched 3 hours (6 episodes) of game shows throughout the day and every episode had a pregnant contestant.
Blatant disregard is my #1 pet peeve in other people.
Inconsiderateness (similar yet different) is #2.
Conservativeness is a close #3.
I've never liked Wheel of Fortune. There is an aspect or rule that I have never quite grasped which alienates me from its popularity.
I'm getting more and more and more and more excited about attending Patti LuPone & Audra McDonald's Ravinia concert with Anna. My friend Ted Sperling (and I think he won a Tony or something) is conducting and musical directing the concert, so he says we can meet with him afterwards. Becoming friends with Ted is giving me goosebumps as to what could occur the night we see our ladies perform. Backstage gossip? Ass-kissage? A plethora of 'tweenish squeals, gay guffaws, and bitchy and/or snide musical theatre comments? Between Anna, Ted, Patti, Audra, and I, who knows what's going to come out? Anna documented our phone call perfectly, and yes, I am quite the nerd. I cannot wait.

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A to the S said...

Patti is always watching us, and now we will be watching HER!