Friday, August 17, 2007

Break(ing my heart) Dancing, or Slander?

Yes, it's 3AM (zzzzzzz), but this video cannot remain unshared any longer:

I love Mr. Rogers as much as any red-blooded God-fearing man can, but I'm thinking Jermaine should find an alternate route to his friends'.

(Maybe through Sweet Ol' Mrs. Whitherbee's backyard and yonder o'er Mean Ol' Mr. McGuffin's white picket fence? Awww shucks! He's always barkin' something awful at us kids, he is.)

All's I'm sayin' is I wouldn't be Moonwalking for Ol' Cardigan-Sweatered Fred Rogers (in all his livin'-alone/Presbyterian ministerness) if I were Jermaine.

All's I'm sayin'....
Though I must say I'm glad be never became preachy.
Ya know, church-style.


Michelle said...

Oh my God. That is hi-larious.

Fred Rogers: one celebrity who is actually WHITER than Michelle.

A to the S said...

Don't be hatin' on Mr. Rogers. He promoted diversity and never preached, and was actually interested in teaching children something useful.... that's all I have to say about that.

-William said...

I don't like back trackin' (it's not how I roll...or blog) but I did forget to mention how uncomfortable I felt watching that clip, not Mr. Rogers' existence in general. Believe you me, Mr. Rogers taught me valuable life lessons and I love him. I simply let my fingers (and mind) wander.